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Reading List 2018 *Free Printable!*

Tracee WagnonComment

I promised to post my New Year goals today, however I'm still working on making them realistic and attainable.

In the meantime, one of my goals is to read more and binge watch Netflix less!  As I mentioned in my Reflections on 2017 one major focus of 2018 is therapeutic parenting.  Reading and re-reading books on trauma parenting is a priority for many parents whose children have been through trauma and are from hard places.  This year I have some specific books I'd like to focus on reading not only for therapeutic parenting but also for personal growth.  

I decided to create a cute printable to help me keep my reading goals organized and decided to share it with you!  You may use this printable to plan your books for the year or keep track of the books you have read.  Please do not remove my watermark or share without permission.

 2018 Reading List

2018 Reading List